"The process of clay work creation involves the intense and powerful tactile experience of touch. The touch in clay work enables the creator to form a nonverbal language or communication, through which his or her mental realm and emotional life can be expressed." (Sholt & Gavron, 2006)

"My work is inspired by the natural world. I love to create things that look like they were found in a forest or dug up in a desert. The majority of my work is utilitarian pottery that is both practical and functional, although, from time to time; I do enjoy making ceramic jewelry.

I spent 7 years working in high fire reduction at Seward Park Clay Studio, however, in late 2020 I shifted my focus to working in Cone 6 oxidation out of my home studio. The never ending process of learning and growing through this art form still exhilarates me time and time again."

- Jayme Verfaillie | yarrow & thistle

Jayme has been a member of the Washington Clay Association since 2014. In 2013, Jayme began working with clay at Seward Park Clay Studio where she took 24 consecutive quarters studying wheel throwing and high fire glazing. From 2016-2017 she studied independently with Potter, Mark Strom, and in January of 2018, she accepted a role to serve as the President of the Board of Directors for SPCS.

In addition to ceramics, she enjoys making music, canning & pickling, knitting and spending time with her husband and dog in their home in Seward Park, Seattle. Her photography was featured in the 2019 Ceramic Arts Yearbook, a supplement to PotteryMaking Illustrated.
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Buy locally-handcrafted clay goods! From functional kitchenware and handmade ornaments, to one-of-a-kind works of art, we'll have a variety of cool wares available that you'll want to take home.

Hosted By: Jayme Verfaillie & Mark Strom
Featuring Work From Special Guest Artist, Josephine Harris

This is an outdoor event with social distancing, and sanitation stations available. Masks strictly required!

Sat 12/5 & Sun 12/6 from 10:00am - 2:00pm
7216 Seward Park Ave S, Seattle WA 98118 (click for map)

Credit or debit cards only, please! No cash or checks will be accepted.